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About Us

Thank you for visiting Technomaple. We are just a few lads who love technology and we’re here to share our opinions on different products, provide tips and tricks and sometimes we write about news. We’re not a news organization or anything. We’re not partnered with any manufacturers or any tech companies. We just love technology and love to talk about it.

Fun Fact: We all met on Twitter.

The Team

Abdul Al-Basith:

Picture of Abdul Al-BasithHi there, I’m a 21 year old student from Toronto. I love technology and pretty much everything to do with technology. I’m currently studying Business Technology Management at Ryerson University. Besides fanboying over technology, I do Muay Thai and I love food and UFC.

You can find me on Twitter broadcasting my thoughts:


Amaan Hai:


  I’m a full-time student who’s crazy about all things tech; you’ll find me Tweeting, writing, or constantly talking about the geekiest facts and opinions I have (be warned: I’m a Nexus fanboy).    



Mayurran Sivalinghem


Hey y’all, I’m Mayurran Sivalinghem a Business Technology Management student at Ryerson. My love for technology is kind of niche to film, television and music. I can go on about these things for days!



We hope you enjoy your stay here! You can find Technomaple on Twitter and Facebook.