Apple’s WWDC 2015: What to expect

Apple’s WWDC 2015: What to expect

This Monday, Apple will be holding their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Unlike most years, where it tends to be predictable and things usually being leaked well in advance and overall being mildly interesting, this years conference looks to be much more promising. Not much is known, however since Apple uses the conference to show off the new and upgraded things you can do with their products, you can be sure to expect big things this year. Here are just a few things you can expect to see at WWDC 2015.

iOS 9

iOS 9It is expected that Apple will announce new upgrades to iOS and OS X at WWDC this year. The new iOS will apparently be highly influenced by the Apple watch, which includes the San Francisco font. They’re also expected to incorporate Force Touch which if used on the watch provides hidden info about it. The main new attraction however is Apple’s answer to Google Now called Proactive. Proactive be much more contextual, allowing users to integrate their apps, calendar, and e-mail among other things to provide more accurate information.

OS X 10.11

As for the OS X, it’s rumored that they’ve completely changed the look of it. It’s also believed that they will now incorporate a Control Centre similar to the iOS, which will allow users to control the volume, Blutooth, Wi-Fi among other things. They are also expected to introduce a new security system, called Rootless with the hopes of making Macs safer.

Apple Music Streaming


The music streaming service is already a pretty crowded field. It already includes Spotify, iHeartRadio, Rdio. Pandora, and Google Music, just to name a few. Now Apple wants a piece of that pie. Apple is arguably the most powerful company when it comes to music, so it only makes sense that they get involved. Now that Apple owns Beats they are looking to re-envision the Beats Music streaming service. Rumor has is that Apple is working with Drake and Pharrell on the radio aspect of the service. It is expected to be a subscription service for $10 a month.

Apple TV

The one thing that you might have expected to be mentioned, but will very likely not be is the Apple TV. Apple has postponed the release of a new Apple TV, which might have to do with the complicated negotiations they are in the middle of with getting content deals. It was rumored that Apple was working on a brand new interface as well as an App Store for the TV, among other things. However, don’t expect any new news on the Apple TV front.

Final Thoughts

This years conference is looking very promising especially with the new tech that is rumored to be announced. This is just a taste of what is expected to come. Some other stuff that we didn’t go into too much detail about that you can expect is news on the Apple Watch, a smarter Siri, and Apples own map app. Hopefully Apple’s  Worldwide Developers Conferencecan live up to the hype this time around.