Feeling Drake? ‘Let Me Drake That For You’

Feeling Drake? ‘Let Me Drake That For You’

Drake probably already has it all but Tyler Smith thought he also needed his own dedicated search engine. “Let Me Drake That For You” is a new search engine that’s all about your favourite Canadian rapper, Drake.

Much like Google, you can pretty much search anything on ‘Let Me Drake That For You’ but this search engine will only generate results related to, you guessed it, Drake.

Let me drake that for you

That’s not all, the search engine plays Drake songs while you wait for your search results and provides you with Drake lyrics cleverly twisted to match your search. It gets better, when you click the search bar, it plays Drake’s signature “Uhh!” sound.

You might want to start searching with some Drizzy specific searches, they’re more fun. Try, “mom”,”crying” or “the 6”. To get the best Drizzy feeling, just hit “I’m Feeling Drizzy”.