Glass Planner – The Paper Like Planner for iOS

Glass Planner – The Paper Like Planner for iOS

Side Rule Software and their Glass Planner application for iOS aims to be the only application you’re going to need when it comes to planning your days. The makers of Glass Planner hope that their application will help you “get things done” by helping you organize your meetings, to-do’s and other events all on your calendar. This way you don’t need to have more than one planning application, which is great. Glass Planner allows you to place every single item, whether it be tasks, appointments or birthdays on a specific calendar date; which means that you see what you need to see for that day. If you like to plan, this app is paradise for you. Trust me.

In traditional planning systems, you placed your to-do list items in one big list—or in several lists—and your appointments and deadlines went into your calendar – William Petty, Designer and CEO of Glass Planner

Glass Planner Plan Act Done

Glass Planner takes your appointments and tasks and breaks it down into three simple segments: Plan, Act, and Done.

Plan  is your master view, here you can set appointments, make to do lists, add checklists to your tasks; pretty much anything you need keep track of so you don’t forget. The plan section is amazing when you want to see what’s coming up next, which is what most planning applications do now. With that being said, Glass Planner really shines when you fire up the act section.

When you’re in the Act section, the app displays your appointments and your tasks from the plan tab and displays them for you and in case you forgot to add something in the plan section, you can do so here. What’s really amazing about Glass Planner is that it doesn’t display them in traditional “lists”; instead, the application intelligently prioritizes your tasks based on what it believes you can complete quickly (such as responding to an email).

Every time you wanted to get something done, you’d have to look at all these separate sources and decide what to do next. A lot of time was involved in just staying on top of these systems, and tracking separate lists and calendars on a small screen was no fun. – William Petty, Designer and CEO of Glass Planner

The done tab is pretty self explanatory, it shows all the tasks and appointments you’re done with.

Glass Planner is a great application for anyone who’s deep into planning. Though the application is very well designed and runs smoothly, there is a learning curve to it. The guys at Side Rule Software have videos on Vimeo that explain pretty much every aspect of the application, in case you’re lost at first. Now, does your average Joe need this app? probably not; but, if you’re one of those people who wants more than just a plain old calendar app, I think Glass Planner will suit your needs.
Glass Planner is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.