Make your next first meeting a lot less awkward with the Charlie App

Make your next first meeting a lot less awkward with the Charlie App

If you’re in the business world chances are you’re meeting a lot of people and to do the research necessary to make a good impression on everyone could take a lot of your time. If you’re an entrepreneur, the research you do before you meet someone could be the difference between gaining or losing a client. Most entrepreneurs can’t afford to have a personal assistant to do that research for them, this is where the Charlie App comes in.

Charlie App sample

Example one pager from Charlie App

Charlie is an iOS app that integrates with your calendar to learn when you’re meeting is and takes data from all over the web and sends you a page about that person with everything you need to know. As you can imagine, this can save a lot of time. Charlie does this by automatically going through thousands of online sources to compile a list of information. It takes that information and puts it through an advanced algorithm to give you everything you need to know, in a nice little page. Like a personal assistant, Charlie basically does all your research for you. Sounds a little creepy but trust me, it’s not. Charlie crawls through information that you can find online, information that’s publicly available. We’re talking about blogs, company websites, technology websites and publicly available company databases. Pretty much things you would find if you were sitting there googling things about the person you’re meeting. Here’s what Charlie can help you do:

Charlie App helps you do this


Business information is great to know, but Charlie can also gather information from social sites, saving you the time you spend on cyber stalking (it’s not a bad thing!). Knowing the person you’re meeting on a personal level can really help you make that long lasting impression. For example, if the person you’re meeting is a huge Leafs fan, Charlie will make sure you know that.

Gathering information for a business meeting could consume a lot of time out of your day and many of us don’t have the time to read blog posts, articles or stalking people on twitter or Linkedin. Charlie is that personal assistant that will do all that for you. Hence, saving you a lot of time. The Charlie App will be available on iOS in the upcoming weeks. Check out Charlie App’s twitter @AppCharlie and their website for more information.