Microsoft’s new Tossup app makes it easier to meet up with friends for a night out

Microsoft’s new Tossup app makes it easier to meet up with friends for a night out

Admit it, you and your friends have a group chat where you try to plan your nights/days out? And no matter how good you guys are at making decisions on what to do, the planning process is never smooth. Getting a bunch of friends together at once to do something is a classic pain in the rear end. I mean, it’s 2015, it shouldn’t be that hard to get together with some friends. Thanks to Microsoft, now there’s an app to deal with that exact pain.

Tossup, developed by a small team at Microsoft, allows your friends to vote on and suggest event ideas. The idea here is to dissolve the indecision that plague any occasion where a group of people need to decide what to do on a given day/night.

To help speed things up, you can add a countdown clock to each decision. Once a decision is made, those who voted will get a calendar invite and those who didn’t vote will not. Even after all that, if your friends are a no-show, I guess it’s time to make new friends.

Tossup app

When you launch the app for the first time, you’re asked to input your phone number and wait for a verification code. When that’s done, you input your name and your email address. You’re not required to sign in with your Microsoft account, thank god for that! This makes signing up for Tossup a lot easier. The success of an app like this relies on the number of people sign up to use it.

Tossup app feature image

Has this ever happen to you? like ever?

The app just released so it’s hard to say if it will turn into something substantial. For those who would like to try out Tossup, you can download it from the  iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Sorry, Windows Phone users. I guess Microsoft thinks it’s better that you spend your time at home.