New emoji standard lets you talk about tacos and other things

New emoji standard lets you talk about tacos and other things

Remember the time when we all used emoticons on MSN Messenger? We were able to download emoticons or even create our own. That was fun, but fast forward ten years and things have changed.

Emoji is supported by the biggest companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. It’s a big deal and just to show you how big, there’s an official governing body called the Unicode Consortium that dictates what should or should not be an emoji.

New food and animal emoji from the new emoji standard

Last year, Apple raised the issue of emoji diversity to the Unicode Consortium and they agreed that it was important to include more than one yellow skin tone. Of course, Apple was the first to include the new emojis in its emoji keyboard.

The new skin tone selections are most notable addition to emoji but they are not the only big change. There are a few new faces and some new animals, including a unicorn. Yes, a freaking unicorn emoji, finally! I’ve been waiting for that for ages.

Also, the Unicode Consortium threw in some more food emojis (there’s one for taco!) and emojis for a variety of places of worship. As for Canadians, thanks to the new standard we finally have a hockey stick and puck!

Religious emoji from the new emoji standard

Some of the new skin tones and faces are available on Apple’s platform. For everyone else, we will have to wait until our OS developer of choice implements the new standard.