Are You Older Than Digital Cameras? You Need This App.

Are You Older Than Digital Cameras? You Need This App.

When did you first use a digital camera? In 2001 or 2002? It’s hard to imagine life today without digital cams, smartphones and selfie sticks. Yet, we didn’t use any of these things just 15 years ago.

There was photography, of course. But it meant film cameras, 36-exposure rolls of film, dark room with trays of developing and fixing solutions – or a one-hour wait for 4R prints. It meant not being able to instantly review the photo you just took. Photos ended up not on computers or “in the cloud” but in envelopes, shoe boxes or picture albums.

If you are older than 15, chances are that your childhood photos are still in those boxes or plastic albums. They are seldom seen, and aren’t easy to share on Facebook or your favorite social media site. Which brings us to the point of this story.

Now there’s an app to bring your old photographs into the 21st century, to digitize them, ready to be sprung upon friends as a #tbt surprise. The app is named Pic Scanner, and it’s available for iPhone and iPad.

PicScanner screen shot

Pic Scanner is a wickedly clever app: It is the world’s only app for batch-scanning photos. Which means that you don’t scan and crop photos one by one, but up to four at a time! The app automatically crops and saves them all as individual images. This makes it faster (and fun) if you are scanning an album with 3 or 4 photos on each page. Of course, the scans are much sharper if you do it one or two photos at a time. The app also has tools for editing, captions and special-effect filters and making digital albums. Scanned photos can be instantly posted to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, or sent to Camera Roll or Dropbox.

The app is quite intuitive to use, and as one of its users points out in a review on iTunes, is equally good for “anyone aged 6 to 66”.

You can download Pic Scanner free and try out a dozen scans. If you like it, a $2.99 purchase unlocks unlimited scanning and sharing. Which isn’t expensive if you think of it as a portable scanner in your pocket!

A demo video and user guide for Pic Scanner can be found at The app has got some pretty good reviews from Cult of Mac, the BBC, The Guardian, CNET and many other reputed review sites, and it’s free to try – so go ahead and give it a whirl.

  • Alessandro Garofalo

    So if the iPhone 6s had an 8 megapixel camera, divide by 4 scans per pic, then each pic is 2mp. I guess that’s ok for 3×5.5(ish) prints at 300dpi. But a proper photo scanner can also scan multiple prints per scan at high resolutions (and bit depths) not to mention multiple neg or slide scans. Think something like the Epson Perfection line. Sure, completely different price leagues! But if you have a large vault of images and film to scan, then the true worth of dedicated scanners becomes realized. The Pic Scanner app becomes a novelty in comparison to these machines… But it is good when you’re just trying to get something from print to online fast, I guess.