Your Password Is Your First Line of Defense, So Make It Strong

Your Password Is Your First Line of Defense, So Make It Strong

Today, I came across this word cloud of top 100 passwords that people use and there’s a lot to learn from this; first, don’t use “123456” as your password. It seems like a lot of people don’t realize that their password is their first line of defense when it comes to using almost any technology. So, here are three things you should consider when you’re making your next 100 passwords

1. Length and Complexity

Your password should be at least 8 characters long and should include lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters. The easiest way to make a fairly good password is to pick two random words that you can remember and add a hyphen and slap a number right after it. For example, purple-hippos98, flying-cats32, etc. you get the idea.

2. Make Your Password A Passphrase

It’s a good idea to make a password out of your favourite quote or some song lyrics. Not only its easier to remember but doing so will make your password unique. When creating a passphrase you still need to keep in mind length and complexity. Here are some examples of passphrases; [email protected], TM0LI-42 (The meaning of life is 42), [email protected], etc. You get the Idea.

3. Make It Personal

The best way to make a strong password is to make it personal. This would make it easier for you to remember and you can incorporate all aspects of a safe password. When I say make it personal, I don’t mean using your name or your birthday as your password. It can be as simple as picking two things you like and mashing it up together like I stated before. For example, I like Technology and Muay thai so my password could possibly be Muay-Thai-Technology11 (Don’t worry, I didn’t just give you my password).

There you have it, my tips on how you can make a strong and memorable password.