Pushbullet finally does it all with their newest update

Pushbullet finally does it all with their newest update

Two weeks ago, Pushbullet got a really nice interface update which we loved. Now the company has rolled out the ability to handle your text messages. This was a feature that I’ve been waiting for and I can’t be happier that it just happen.

Before this, you were able to reply to your text messages one by one, but now the application will sync all your messages so it looks more like a conversation thread. This way you don’t forget what you sent and face the horrible awkwardness that you sometimes feel when you use Snapchat and you have to ask your friend what you said earlier.

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What’s amazing about this update is that, you don’t need to do anything to make it work. When you install it, your various Pushbullet clients will automatically sync all your text messages and you’ll be up and running right away. You probably have Pushbullet installed on all your devices, I know I do; but what happens when you’re using someone else’s computer? no worries, Pushbullet’s website has the same SMS functionality. All you do is log into your Pushbullet account and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that you still need to have your phone turned on and connected to the internet, Pushbullet uses your phone to send those messages.

There are some limitations though, the feature will only work with a device running Android 4.4. or above and you will not be able to send MMS yet, but you can view them just fine.

You can download the update from the Google Play store, if you can’t see it yet, it’s still flying through the Google servers.