Taylor Swift v Apple : Apple ends bad blood with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift v Apple : Apple ends bad blood with Taylor Swift

After several artists made some noise, especially T Swift, Apple has finally agreed to pay musicians royalty during the free trial period of their new streaming service.

Initially, Apple announced that, while their three month free trial of their streaming service was available to customers, they would not be paying the artists anything. This obviously enraged artists and then came the backlash, most notable from Taylor Swift.

Swift’s post was re-tweeted over 38,000 times and favourited by more than 63,000 people. She even decided to not stream her acclaimed 1989 album as a means of protest. taylor-swift-149 (1) The music industry as a whole was inflamed by the initial news, especially independent record labels who would face a costly charge to have their music streamed as part of the project, while making no returns. Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue heard the complaints, and replied.

“We’ve been watching the discussion for the past week. We want artists to be paid for their work, and when we hear from them — from Taylor or from indie artists — we listen to them. Taylor’s tweet today solidified the issue for us and we decided to make a change.” Cue even personally called Taylor Swift to give her the news.


Looks like another win for T Swift!