Throwback Thursday – iPhone 3GS Revisited

Throwback Thursday – iPhone 3GS Revisited

For the past week while my iPhone 6 was being repaired I was without a phone or any device for that matter. I looked over at my shelf and stared at some old iPhones I had collected. One was an iPhone 4 that was fried from water damage and the other was an iPhone 3GS that just needed a charge. I plugged it in and waited for it to slowly boot up. Once it booted up it was like seeing an old friend that you did not miss. It was very strange going from an iPhone 6 all the way back to a 3GS. Everything about it just felt clunky. Lets take a deeper look into what this phone was all about.


The phone was running IOS 6.1.6, which is the latest for the phone. The software is very slow and apps take a long time to load. Well, a long time compared to now. One thing I really appreciated was that when I went to download an app it downloaded the most compatible version. When ever I clicked on an app it would take around thirty seconds to load.


The plastic back with that fake chrome trimming surprisingly did not feel cheap but it also did not compare to the more premium look and feel of today’s iPhones . The curve on the back makes it slightly comfortable to hold in the hand, but the bulk adds for some very unnecessary heft. The display quality was very poor. Text was almost unreadable. I had to zoom in as far as possible to read anything. The small 3.5 inch screen did not help.

Battery Life

As expected the battery life was very poor. I had to charge two-three times a day. With less usage I probably could have cut that down to once a day. I found it almost annoying how frequent I had to charge it

Consumer Opinions

“Its so small! It’s very difficult to read, even with my glasses on. I actually like thickness and roundness. It is very cute. Very nice to hold in the hand.” -Anonymous


Final Thoughts

It was incredibly interesting to go back in technology and appreciate how far we have advanced with modern day technology. The thing I found the most interesting is how incredible and advanced we thought the phone was when it first came out. All I can really say is I greatly appreciate how far today’s technology has come!

Let us know what you think, would you go back to an iPhone 3GS?