Top 10 Reason You Should Get An iPad For Back To School

Top 10 Reason You Should Get An iPad For Back To School

Hey guys! today I’m going to tell you the top 10 reasons why you may consider having an iPad for college/university. This post was actually typed on my iPad mini, and I encourage all who are considering this alternative to look a little deeper into the options before buying a device. So here we go!

Top 10 Reason You Should Get An iPad For Back To School

  1. Portability: It’s a no brainers, we all know how small the iPad is. The thinness of an iPad is incredible, and it’s a nice all in one package. The device comes in either the regular size (iPad Air) or the smaller size (iPad Mini). If you are planning to be someone who does multi-media, maybe a full sized iPad is more for you and your creativity. If you want a more on-the-go device that you can throw in your bag, maybe the mini is the better alternative for you.
  2. Organization: The iPad has thousands of applications to keep your life organized. I personally use the iCal application, which helps me create a events, which will then be pushed to all my other Apple devices. If you have lots of notes, get something like DropBox, which can store and organize your notes for you through their cloud based storage.
  3. Accessories: We have cases, which are really helpful, but what about for school specifically? With the iPad maybe you want a keyboard to help type out notes. You could also pick up a stylist for writing down notes. Some cases have keyboard build in like mine. You can make your iPad into a laptop setup, but the added benefit of having a touch screen.
  4. Application: We don’t need to touch on this point too much… Apple has stored THOUSANDS of apps designed for productivity that are used on your iPad. Some schools use applications like BlackBoard, which is used so you can organize your class information easier. Check out what applications will work for you and your classes.
  5. Paper Free: If you care about saving tree’s and being a more eco-friendly worker, the iPad can create unlimited documents, files and much more digitally. You can create virtual binders of your projects, hold all your pictures and much more without waisting any paper. You also can do this on a regular laptop or computer and sync it to your iPad.
  6. Long Battery Life: With a 10 hour battery, study sessions will not be cut short with the iPad. The battery is a big selling feature, and the charger is so much easier to deal with than a laptop. If your friend has their laptop, charge up with USB or bring an external power storage for both your phone and iPad. The iPad should last you the whole school day without giving out.
  7. Syncing Cross-Platform: If you use Notes, MS Word or Google Docs, don’t be worried about being stuck if your iPad can’t finish the job. Keep a computer at home or go to the computer lab, because with cloud, you can back up all your document files online, which you can continue on another more powerful device. The iPad can be your take to school device, but you could leave your power machine at home for when you need to really get creative. Before the late 80’s people didn’t even have computers, and they managed just fine!
  8. Textbooks & Notes: If you have a school like mine, you will have E-Textbooks. These are cheaper, faster and more useful for on the go than traditional textbooks. This may not apply to everyone, but if it does, put all your texts on your iPad. It’s more comfortable to read, easier to hold and more portable way to have all your class notes and texts in one hand. Apple is releasing a new way to have cross application, so now you can have the textbook on half the screen, then put the other half as your notes. It’s the laptop experience but in an easier way to hold everything all in one.
  9. Daily Driver: If you want a social/work hub, look no further. You can access all you social media, message application and work all in one place. Set alarms for waking up, take the iPad with you to class, do work, study hard, relax with some videos, play some games, go to bed. It’s the all-in-one daily driver for everyone.
  10. 3G & LTE: If you’re really into the idea, get the 3G iPad. Get a data plan on the device, and now you have all your work wherever you might go. If you’re on the bus and you need to submit a document online, send it through your data. This can also apply if you have a device that can share its data as a hub. Turn your iPhone into a portable hot spot, link up your iPad than you have the whole workflow process on the go.

There are many more reasons to get an iPad for school, but these are just a few. I’m not telling you to just have an iPad for all your school, but I see it as an addition. I think in a perfect world, you should have a laptop or desktop at home as a backup, or a more powerful alternative, but take the iPad to class as a notebook. This isn’t for everyone or every school, but it might be for you. If you already have an iPad, take it to school this fall, see how much can be done with it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have anymore awesome ideas on how to use an iPad at school or even why you should, leave a comment below! Thanks for reading and have a great day/evening/night. Follow me for more posts as well as on Twitter @EmersonKeeling for more frequent updates. Talk to you later!

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    An iPad can easily turn into one of the most useful and handy devices in college. It’s small and light enough to carry around wherever you go.

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